Our Carers

As a Foster Carer with PACFS, you will be part of a team of caring professionals who are responsible for protecting the interests of children and young people, parents and their young babies and ensuring the needs of all looked after children are met.

At PACFS we believe we offer one of the best packages of benefits and support currently available to foster carers.

In return we have high expectations and standards to be met.


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To become one of our carers you must:-

  • Be able to offer a safe and secure home.
  • Have a spare room available for the foster child. We do not allow bedroom sharing unless children are siblings and under a specific age.
  • Be able to attend meetings regarding the children in placement i.e. LAC Reviews and P.E.P.
  • Agree to work in line with the child's Care Plan.
  • Care for the child according to the UN Convention on Children's Rights.
  • Agree to work in partnership with birth parents where appropriate.
  • Undertake regular training and attend foster carer support groups on a regular basis.
  • Involve the young person in the decisions and choices which affect them.
  • Care for the child as if they were a member of the family.
  • Not administer corporal punishment or be punitive towards any child placed.
  • Be able to make regular and accurate records on events concerning the child/young person.
  • Have regular supervision via home visits with your allocated Supervising Social Worker.
  • Keep the child/young person safe and inform the appropriate professionals of any concerns.
  • Promote therapeutic input where this is arranged for a child and take responsibility for transporting the child to therapy sessions.
  • Keep information relating to the children you look after confidential.







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